Denim on Denim

The ~Canadian tuxedo~ (made popular by Justin Timberlake) may be one of my favorite monochromatic looks. Obviously, when worn a wee bit a hell of a lot more toned down than JT it can be super on trend. I was excited about my new chambray top from Nordstrom Rack so I decided to give an ode to Justin with my denim on denim look!

Can we talk about how bitchin’ this wall is??



LOVE the choker trend right now and I was able to whip out this oldie but goodie out of the depths of my closet! 

Outfit Details

top- Nordstrom Rack

shorts- American Eagle (These shorts are ancient! I’m talking 7th grade purchase)

booties- Frock Candy (old)

purse- Louis Vuitton

choker- Urban Outfitters (old)

sunnies- Urban Outfitters (old)

Side Note: I’m super excited to be living with another blogger come Fall! Her name is Caroline Marchand of R3 by Caroline. Go show her blog some love! I’m sure there will be loads of collaborations for you all to check out! xx


Vintage Popsicle Blouse

My wardrobe & I have really embraced the spirit of summer this year. Instead of my typical summer stye of a romper and some sort of sandal or denim shorts with a flowey t-shirt, I wanted to reinvent my summer look!

I snagged this wonderful blouse this past winter and could not wait to incorporate it into some outfits! *side note: no matter the season, always keep your eyes peeled for unique pieces that will really spice up your wardrobe! You never know when you will strike gold!*



currently loathing myself for forgetting to take off my hair ties..


Outfit Details

blouse- Swap Boutique (also love this one)

skirt- ASOS (similar)

shoes- ASOS (similar)

I hope everyone’s summer is as *sweet* as my lovely vintage blouse! xx

Beyoncés Formation Tour: A Spiritual Experience

When Beyoncé announced she was having another world tour, there was no other option but for me to go. My parents did not even ask if I wanted to go, I just get a text saying “how many tickets do you need?”*Grateful that my mom & dad understand my emotional connection to Bey*.

I rounded up some of my favorite kweens and we took on Houston & the Tex-Mex cuisine by storm!

Me+Hannah+Caroline+Rebecca+Richmond=ultimate squad
 My first instinct every time Beyoncé would start a new song would be to hold Caroline’s hand… I would consider her the Jay to my Bey (sans cheating scandal obviously)

I had to pull out ALL of the stops outfit wise…ya know, just in case Beyoncé could see me up in the nose bleeds. I do not think I will ever be “feelin’ myself” more than I was in this romper. (FYI I will 100% be recycling this outfit)





Outfit Details

romper- Maven Womenswear (old)

heels- Nordstrom Rack

lipstick- MAC matte “Smoked Purple”

bumblebee earrings- Etsy

honeycomb earring- Forever 21 (old) ((similar))

purse- gift from BFF’s Italian travels

If given the chance to attend the Formation World Tour, GO. No matter the price. Y’all, it was even better than her last tour. Seeing Beyoncé live is truly like no other experience… Hannah described it best when she said “I will leave this concert a woman”.

I am truly far more fierce, fabulous, vengeful, & confident since watching Bey werk.



I have never been one to shy away from telling people about my accident, but I have never been straight up with all of you guys about my journey. Today makes 4 years since my life completely fell apart and I had to pick up the pieces and restart it.

I will spare you all the details but I suffered a cheerleading injury on May 5, 2012 that left me paralyzed from the waist down. After being rushed to the hospital and undergoing countless x-rays and examinations, the doctors told me that there was a 50/50 chance of me being able to again if we go into an emergency surgery immediately. Hours later I came out of surgery with 8 screws and 2 rods in my spine along with a massive new scar on my back.


Slowly but surely I was able to gain feeling back in my lower body. It started with being able to wiggle my toes and then took off from there. Within two days of the operation I started to learn how to walk again.


Years of physical therapy, another back operation to fix a broken screw, countless nightmares of the accident playing over and over again in my sleep, and I could not be any more grateful. Without my accident, I would have never grown into the person that I am today. My struggles led me to my strengths.

When May 5th roles around it is always a period of reflection and tequila #cincodemayo for me. It used to weigh very heavy on my heart but now it is an uplifting reflection, a reminder of how far I have come in just 4 short years. I’m now a (mostly) fully abled person. Sure there are times where having a titanium back catches up to me, like walking around campus with my backpack or trying to get luggage through an airport, and it can be very easy to feel frustrated or upset. I have to remind myself that in many ways I am just like any other 20 year old college student, but also in many ways I am not. I have gone through things that most people will never even have to imagine in their lifetime, much less someone as young as I am. But that is what makes me, me!

My experiences have sculpted me (literally and figuratively) into the woman I am today and I could not be anymore proud of that.

“I was served lemons, but I made lemonade” – Beyoncé

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Yesterday I woke up to the most bleak & gray of days. I had to peel myself out of bed to attend a “honey-do” shower for my cousin (it’s not that I did not want to go there, I love seeing my fam. I just didn’t want my hair to frizz in the tsunami outside).

Once I dolled myself up & hopped in the car, the weather magically cleared up! I ended up having the most pleasant drive to go meet everyone (fun fact: car rides by myself are one of my favorite ways to relax). ***if you are looking for a killer, inspirational car ride tune listen to “They Live in You” from The Lion King on Broadway. Kyle made me listen to it just recently & it was a total car ride game changer!***

It ended up being such a lovely day spent with family and free food. I even got to debut this lovely springtime ensemble!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Outfit Details

dress- Asos

shoes- Asos

purse- Louis Vuitton (vintage)

I have recently realized my online shopping addiction to Asos has become problematic. Thinking of starting a “go-fund me” page to support my addiction, any & all donations are welcome!



As I told you guys in my last post, I just attended Jazzfest in New Orleans.


Seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers live was a total bucket list item for me and oh my god they were everything I expected and more!

I feel very #blessed that my parents instilled a bomb-ass taste in music in me while I was young. I grew up listening to RHCP, amongst other classic rock bands, since birth.

Due to extreme excitement, I did not take very many photos but I will share with you all what I got. If you get the chance to attend Jazzfest, 10/10 would recommend!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with x1 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

Outfit Details

top- Asos

skirt- Asos

shoes- Target (v old)

earrings- Rocksbox (House of Harlow)

sunnies- Asos

I feel so lucky to be from Louisiana where I get so many opportunities to bask in music and culture!

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Life Update 4/22/16

Where in the world have I been? Honestly, it’s all a little blurry to me! Life has been so hella busy with school and sorority stuff that I haven’t even had time for personal health. But now that I am posted up sick in bed, it is as good a time as ever to share with y’all what I have been up to/what I have coming up!


  • I recently poured my heart and soul into a dance competition I was in with Delta Gamma & a few fraternities. I am so glad I dedicated so much time to it because we ended up placing 1st and winning best crowd appeal! You can check out our routine here!


  • This upcoming weekend I am going to Jazzfest! I finally get to check off one of my bucket list items, seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers live! Please shoot me an email if any of you guys will be there, I love meeting my readers!


  • I have some killer outfit posts coming in hot in May so stay tuned!
  • Finals:/
  • I will be getting personal with you guys on a post about my injury that I will be celebrating the 4 year anniversary of on May 5th


  • I’ll have some fun content on wedding attire because there is fixing to be a Plauche wedding, y’all! *disclaimer: it is not my own
  • I got the super awesome opportunity to go to a Delta Gamma leadership conference in Ohio this summer! Hopefully I will be learning some bitchin’ life skills that will transfer over to Créme de la Claire as well!

On top of all of this fun stuff, I have countless other ideas & shenanigans to share with you all! So please bear with me as a drag my feet through finals, then it will finally be the summer of Créme de la Claire! xx

False River & Free People

Growing up, my family frequented all sorts of camps all over Louisiana. Throughout the years I grew very fond of a specific camping spot, False River. It is a big lake surrounded by camps of all sizes. There are huge piers that families and friends tan, dive off of, and park their boats. So just recently when my parents told me we were going to False River for the day, I was thrilled!

Even though we were just going to a casual BBQ I still wanted to look my best, I am nothing if not consistent with my style! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out my new Free People blouse I scored at Nordstrom Rack!






Outfit Details

blouse- Nordstrom Rack (similar here & here)

shorts- Forever 21 (actually old as dirt) ((similar here))

sunnies- Target (old) ((similar here))

shoes- Nordstrom Rack

earrings- Rocksbox (House of Harlow)

Remember to use code lizkaoxoxo at checkout to get your first months subscription to Rocksbox free!

Hope everyone has a smooth transition into the Spring/Summer months, one of my favorite (&busiest) times of the year ! xx

**100th Post**

drawing by: Madison Hannan

How am I already at 100 posts??! Time surely does fly whenever you are doing something you love. Thank you to everyone for supporting Créme de la Claire! I hope to keep growing from here and make my blog bigger & better. Stay tuned for some site changes, fun new content, & style tips from yours truly!

To the next 100 posts & beyond,

Claire xx

Spring Break Look: Black & White One Piece

Sorry I have been MIA lately, school has been chaos and spring break was also chaos (a better chaos though). But as Bey said in “Formation”, “Bitch I’m back, by popular demand.”

I went to Destin, FL for my week off of school and it was pure, beachy bliss. I could not wait to rock my new swimsuit from Asos! I use “rock” as a very loose term… I thought I would look like a Kardashian but my pale skin decided to make me look like I spent 45 years sitting on the actual sun.

Ratchet tan burn lines in tow, I was determined to wear this suit!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

Outfit Details

swimsuit- Asos

kimono- Maven Womenswear

sunnies- Urban Outfitters

necklaces- Forever 21 (similar), Rocksbox, & Caroline & Co.

Although my burns from spring break may be fading, my memories will last forever (“memories” is another loosely used term #thankswhiskey). xx

P.S. due to an alcohol induced accident, I lost one of my beloved gold bumblebee earrings. If anyone knows where I can find some new ones please email me! It’s v important.

P.P.S. Use the code lizkaoxoxo at checkout when subscribing to Rocksbox to get your first month’s subscription for free!!