Summer Tease

“Guess who’s back, back again” – The Real Slim Shady & Me

After a brief hiatus, I am back & ready to get into the swing of things. School really dulled my sparkle this past semester but with finals coming & going I plan to give you guys my all this summer!


I absolutely love the summer months. Physically these thighs ain’t ready but mentally I am pumped. I just love the freedom of not being in school & all the adventures that come with summer. I plan on bringing you guys along every step of the way!

I recently bought this shirt & have hardly taken it off since. It is super chic & extremely versatile. I can guarantee I will give you guys another post on how to style it for a dressier occasion!

watching my GPA drown









Outfit Details

top – Maven Womenswear (similar here & here)

shorts – Urban Outfitters

shoes – Asos (similar here & here)

sunnies – Forever 21

purse – Forever 21 (similar here)

The sleeve on this shirt is absolutely iconic, timeless I would go as far to say. A lot of the subtle details of this outfit are reminiscent of the 50s, from the little tie in the middle to the subtle cat eye on the sunnies to the red lip.

I’m excited to get back to Crème de la Claire & keeping in touch with all of you guys! x

Why Everyday Should be Valentine’s Day

I am not a lovey dovey girl. I don’t like public displays of affection and I hate hugs. However, I feel like it is always important to remind the people around you how much you care about them, Valentine’s day or not!

You do not need to wait for Valentine’s Day to go to dinner with your S.O. or buy the lingerie you have been wanting. Do that whenever you damn well please because you should spoil yourself and everyone around you everyday! Even if it is just sending your best gal pal a quick “I love you!” text or treating the person behind you in line for coffee to their caffeine fix, everyone deserves to feel love and give love.

Treat everyday like Valentine’s Day!





Roomie blogger goals ft. Caroline of R3 by Caroline

Campus Style Guide- A Capsule Wardrobe

I have successfully fooled all of LSU’s campus into thinking I have my life pulled together. People always tell me “OMG you look so cute today!” or “Wow someone looks good”. Ha! Jokes on you all because I never wake up more than 20 minutes before I have to leave the house. The trick is by having a capsule wardrobe.

I am known for only wearing black on campus. It’s just my thing. I put on a pair of either black leggings or shorts & open up my drawer that I have of just black tops & pick one out. They will always match because it’s all black! That is the constant basis of each outfit.



top- Tobi 

leggings- Lululemon

sports bra- Target

backpack- Target (old) (others I like here & here)

After you have the basis, you can then build upon it with different pieces to make it an outfit and a little more personalized.

For an athletic look, add sunglasses and an athletic jacket. Sporty but still cute & comfy!






jacket- Target

sunnies- Express

sneakers- Journeys Kids (similar pair here for normal sized feet)

phone case- Casetify


When theres a slight breeze outside I like to throw on my camo jacket. It’s light and not too over the top.




jacket- Target (old) (similar here)

baseball cap- was a gift (similar here)


When it’s blustery or rainy I like to wear this fabulous parka/raincoat that my roommates gave me for Christmas! It’s super warm and has a hood that can be zipped away for when it’s not raining.



raincoat- BCBGeneration


My everyday accessories include a bumble bee earring in my cartilage piercing and my  dainty zodiac constellation necklace.



earring- Etsy

necklace- Etsy

Another fun way to add to the outfit is with a bright pair of sneakers! I tend to lean towards pink tennis shoes but I just recently branched out and bought a black pair (seen above) that I have absolutely fallen in love with.


sneakers- Nike (old AF) (similar here)


A few other black tops I love you can find here, here, and here!

By following my campus style mantra, you too can trick people into thinking you’re pulled together with literally zero effort!

*Emily Watts Photography*

Warm Winter Wear

This past winter has been underwhelming in the weather department (thx global warming). I want to wear all of my fun wintery pieces but its just too hot to go full on winter attire so I have had to find a happy medium!


This vest (another fuzzy piece of fun!!) I got from Target last winter and you can pretty much catch me wearing all throughout the winter. Whether it be dressed up with boots or dressed down with leggings and sneakers.




In order to be dressed climate as well season appropriate, I paired my fuzzy Sherpa vest with a sleeveless top. It kept the look fluent and was comfy in the 70+ degree weather.


Outfit Details

vest- Target (old, but similar here, here, and here)

top- TJ Maxx (similar here and here)

skirt- Asos (old, but similar here, here, and here)

boots- Nordstrom Rack (similar)

A friend and sorority sister reached out to me saying how we should collaborate for a blog post. Emily Watts was one of the best and most fun photographers I have ever worked with! It’s always exciting having friends who want to help support you and encourage you to work towards your dreams. All of the pictures she took came out beautiful and I cannot wait to work with her in the future!

Happy NYE to everyone! I hope your 2017 is full of sparkle!

Fuzzy Coat Fun

There are very few things in this world that I appreciate more than a fuzzy article of clothing. So last winter when I found this fuzzy jacket at Target I had a field day.

Pretty much my reaction when I spotted the coat. 

I was so excited to FINALLY be able to wear it again. There weather in Louisiana has been insane. One day its in the 70s and the next it is in the 30s so layering is key since you never know what you’re going to get!




I will forever have a ponytail holder on my wrist… I swear I will be the girl who forgets to take it off on her wedding day.


Outfit Details

black shirt- Target (similar)

vest- Love

fuzzy jacket- Target (similar)

jeans- Asos

shoes- Timberlands

sunnies- Express

***Express is 50% everything online and in-store right now!!!!***

Until next time ❤


After recovering from my third spinal surgery, I was binge watching my guilty pleasure, Criminal Minds. They said something that really made me think. It was an obscure flashback scene where someone said “Scars only show us where we’ve been, they do not dictate where we are going”. That was when I realized that I have spent years stressing over my scars and thinking they were a hideous eye sore when in actuality they are the one thing that makes me feel most empowered.

Every time I look at my back it serves as a reminder… a reminder of how strong I have had to be the past 5 years. A reminder that I am not supposed to be walking, but am. A reminder of a time in my life where I could’ve been destroyed by the fire, but instead I was built from it.

Scars are something that is given a stigma in today’s world, they are seen by many as an imperfection which should be covered up. I have a vivid memory from homecoming my junior year of high school where I wore a dress that had a peephole in the back. A girl pulled me aside and whispered to me, as if I didn’t already know, that my scar was showing. This completely destroyed me. Instead of feeling beautiful after the hours I spent primping, I felt like I was a walking freak show and that everyone was staring at my back. I let this completely ruin my night and honestly, it is something that I still think about and makes me emotional.

I can’t help it that it was in my stars to have all of these surgeries but I am so grateful that I did. I would not be half the woman I am today if it were not for the struggles I faced after my accident.

Looking at my scars now I see something incredible. I see a little roadmap that leads through the journey of recovery I have faced and how far I have come. I have three seven inch long memories tattooed onto my back. The ones from my earlier surgeries more faded and the one from my recent surgery standing out, loud and proud. A year ago I wanted to cry every time I wore a swimsuit or wore something backless. Now, I want to shake that version of me and remind her of how much of a badass these scars have made me.

My advice to those of you struggling with scarring: your scars do not define you but they do shape you into the person you will be in the future. I’m not “Claire with the back scars”. I am “Claire, the tiny diva, that tends to be a little extra, who also happened to beat paralysis and make an epic comeback.”

I feel so crazy beautiful when I see my back. Some people get uncomfortable when they see it, and that’s okay! It can be hard to see something that looks painful but remember that if it is painful for you to look at, just imagine how painful it is for the person bearing the scar.

I am just like everyone else, except my story and struggles are permanently displayed on my body for everyone to see. They are my battle wounds to show the world what I have overcome. My scars in no way, shape, or form determine where I am going in the future. Sure, I do have some restrictions physically, but I’ll be damned if I let my physical impairment hold me back from achieving everything I have ever wanted and more.

There are going to be moments in your life that will change your world in a matter of seconds. Whether you like it or not, these moments will change you. Let them change you for the better. Let them make you wiser, stronger, and more empathetic. Show your scars proudly, because the girl who is wearing these scars deserves to be really damn proud.

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Easing into Autumn

Sorry I have been MIA, health problems have made it pretty difficult for me to be getting out & about lately. However, the second I felt the slightest Fall breeze I knew I needed to get back into the swing of things because this is my absolute favorite time of year!

By “Fall” I mean when the temperature drops below 80 degrees down here. But hey, I’m not complaining! This means I finally get to wear my new suede skirt that I’ve been drooling over!





Sorry I am traumatizing you all with the sight of my thumbs.


Outfit Details

top- Rachel Roy (old)

skirt- American Eagle

boots- Forever 21

I am so excited to show you guys all of the amazing pieces I have in store for this season! xx

Versona – Fall Look Book 2016

Listen up people, I have discovered a hidden gem in the Baton Rouge area.


Versona is a women’s clothing store that gives it’s customers chic Italian inspired looks without breaking the bank! They have locations across the US and have recently launched their online boutique.

I was recently given the opportunity to go and check out their Fall Look Book in person! Might I just say… it DID NOT disappoint. Such beautiful fall pieces that were v reasonably priced!





Here are a few of my absolute favorite pieces from my trip to Versona:


Satin Lace Trim Cami


Bordered Midi Skirt


Belted Trench Vest


Tie Neck Blouse


Double Buckle Cape


High-Low Slip Dress


Plaid Shirt Dress


Fortune Cookie Bags

+ a few other pieces that need to be checked out here, here, here, and here!

They also sent me the most posh statement earrings that I cannot wait to style for y’all soon, so keep your eyes on Crème de la Claire!

Overall, my Versona shopping experience was out of this world and it REALLY needs to be checked out. Go hit it up before this place becomes too big!

HUGE thank you to Versona for treating me like such a princess during my shopping trip*



Texas Travels: Melissa & McKinney


Sorry I’ve been caught up with a big summer move but I’m back with a post from my small-town Texas travels.

I recently went to Melissa, Texas for my cousin’s graduation. My sweet Nanny took me to the neighboring town of McKinney for a little window shopping. Let me just say, McKinney’s historic downtown was one of the most charming places I have ever been to!

All of the buildings are roughly from the late 1800’s- early 1900’s and the insides have been revamped to be quaint coffee shops, posh boutiques, and various antique stores. It is basically a Pinterest dream!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

^I wanted to play dress-up all day in there!

Nanny & I fell in love with this dramatic, removable train…what a southern wedding dream! Side Note: OBSESSED with the clock purse.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bank turned high-end boutique! You can only imagine how opulent the inside was…


I went total athleisure for our little excursion. I would have stuck out like a sore thumb in my normal dramatic style! The Melissa/McKinney area is known for their school spirit. Basically everywhere you turn you see a red cardinal, their high school’s mascot, so it was only right for me to represent. When in Rome!






Outfit Details

top- Maven Womenswear

sweatshirt- borrowed from Nanny (LOVE this relaxed rag & bone sweatshirt)

denim cutoffs- Urban Outfitters (similar on SUPER SALE)

baseball cap- stole from my brother

tennis shoes- Puma (similar)

“Lafayette” necklace- Caroline & Co.

Hope everyone’s summer has been filled with adventure! I promise to fill you all in on the rest of my summer plans. xx


Airport Style Inspiration

One of the greatest pleasures in life is flying. Something about airports makes me feel so incredibly alive. Tomorrow I am embarking on a wonderful journey to the great state of Ohio (lol) for a leadership conference for my sorority, Delta Gamma. I am #pumped to learn a lot of amazing leadership skills to not only improve my chapter but to improve Crème de la Claire as well!

The MOST exciting part of going to the airport is getting to show off your airport style. I strive for “is she a low-key celebrity???” when I get ready to fly. The kween of airport style is Gigi Hadid. She makes us all look like mere plebeians in comparison but her looks most definitely inspire my outfits for the airport.

I have made a few ~Rules for fly Style~ (get it??? Fly???) based off of Gigi’s airport outfits!


Rule #1: Layering is the way to go!! I tend to get a little chilly during plane rides so I like to have a little coat on me at all times. Also, the more you wear the less you have to pack!


Rule #2: the athleisure trend is your friend at the airport! Mix your leggings with cute booties or your jeans with your favorite sneakers. There are very few instances where I agree with the phrase “comfort is key” and this is one of those rare instances.



Rule #3: a t-shirt is the best option for travel! It is the closest thing you can wear to pj’s without actually wearing pj’s. A plain basic t-shirt or an awesome band t are equal parts chic and comfy.


Rule #4: use your sunnies to hide the undeniable bags under your eyes from the solid nap you are bound to take on the plane! #protip

Safe travels my lovely friends! I cannot wait to tell you all about my leadership experience. Anyone else thinking I could be a future president?

**guest post coming later this week from a dear friend of mine so keep your eyes peeled and your emails refreshed!