Workin’ on my Fitness

I have never been much of a workout fiend… I always stayed in shape through cheerleading or dance so I never had to worry much about exercise. However, college is unfortunately catching up to my 4’11” build. Finding the proper form of exercise was a definite challenge for me. I tried everything… running, yoga, pilates, gym, cycling… & could not find the right activity for me & my back situation.

A friend convinced me to try a barre class with her at this studio called Barre by Blair. YALL. This class kicked my ass (while simultaneously toning it). The instructor was very helpful with modifying workouts to fit my back condition. It has become tradition for my friends & I to go to barre together at night & catch up. The whole fam is toning up!

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With my newfound love of barre comes a newfound need for workout gear! (I’ll take any excuse to shop honestly)


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Something important to me was to not lose my feminine curves & barre has done an awesome job toning up my body & keeping it ~shapely~ not boxy!

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*note the cute ribbing on my tank*
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The straps are actually changeable! 

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Outfit Details

tank – Free People

leggings – Lululemon

water bottle – Target (UNDER $10 PEOPLE)

Heres some other precious & cost efficient work out clothes that can also work for campus!

Killer tops here, here, here (this is the workout equivalent of what I picture Meredith from the Parent Trap to wear), here, & here.

Snag some bootylicious leggings here, here, & here.

Lastly, thirsty gals gotta stay hydrated in style! You can find some cute bottles here & here.

If you’re looking to get in shape I highly recommend trying out barre! Blair’s studio offers an amazing student discount & you can try out your first class for free. Come hang with me at barre or grab some friends to ~werk~ on your fitness with! xx

Sunny Southern Days

I forget how much I love the South. Other than the positively scorching heat, there is a magic about the South in the summers. Now that gingham is popping up EVERYWHERE I was excited to join in on the fun, especially because I feel like gingham & the South go hand in hand.






I spent the past Saturday antiquing in Breaux Bridge with my mom. We always passed through the historical town but never stopped to smell the roses. On a whim we decided to see what the city had to offer.

Through our explorations we found this precious antique store called Artique.




After chatting with the owner & learning the history behind some of these amazing pieces she showed me something that made me giddy… hats!


She let me try as many as I wanted & even let me use her studio behind the store, called The Alleyway House, to take pictures in.

Vintage hats? Old southern backdrop? How could I say no?!


Mom had to join in on the fun too, obviously. 



Outfit Details

top – Amazon

shorts – Urban Outfitters

shoes – Nordstrom Rack (old) ((similar))

Lafayette necklace – Caroline & Company

gold choker – Forever 21

pins – Parish Ink

sunnies – vintage

It’s always fun to play tourist in the towns you grew up in!


HUGE thank you to Artique & The Alleyway House for letting me hangout with y’all!

Bra la Vie!

For those of you who have been following my blog or any of my social media accounts for a while now, you are very familiar with the fact that I ADORE lingerie & fine jammies. Literally every holiday or occasion, my friends receive either of those items if not both from me. There is just something about having on saucy undergarments that makes you feel powerful, like you have a dirty little secret.

If you find yourself in the Hammond, LA area, look no further to appease your appetite for beautiful underthings! Bra la Vie, a local fine lingerie boutique, just moved into a newer, bigger location. A friend of mine invited me to a little party to celebrate its big move & I was extremely excited to check out all of the wild pretty pieces Bra la Vie has to offer!

My fab friend, Liz, who works at Bra la Vie! Check out her art insta for serious ~aesthetic~

Just by looking at the store I knew I was in for a treat…







They imported this lighting fixture from Turkey… idk what could possibly be more lavish.

After basking in all of the lacy, sexy, kinky glory, I was spoiled with wine & cheese. I ate just enough to look like I was entering my third trimester of pregnancy in my fitted dress. Lucky for you all, I snapped pics just before my food baby set in.




For everyone who is constantly telling me how photogenic I am, for every picture like ^this… there is one like this…





Outfit Details

dress – ASOS 

(as you can see I hemmed this dress but it was obviously fabulous full length as well)

heels – Forever 21

earrings – Maven Womenswear

I definitely plan on heading back to Bra la Vie to ~spoil~ myself. I highly recommend checking out their Instagram or stopping by the store if you have the opportunity!

Thanks for letting me hang out with y’all, Bra la Vie! xx

Summer Tease

“Guess who’s back, back again” – The Real Slim Shady & Me

After a brief hiatus, I am back & ready to get into the swing of things. School really dulled my sparkle this past semester but with finals coming & going I plan to give you guys my all this summer!


I absolutely love the summer months. Physically these thighs ain’t ready but mentally I am pumped. I just love the freedom of not being in school & all the adventures that come with summer. I plan on bringing you guys along every step of the way!

I recently bought this shirt & have hardly taken it off since. It is super chic & extremely versatile. I can guarantee I will give you guys another post on how to style it for a dressier occasion!

watching my GPA drown









Outfit Details

top – Maven Womenswear (similar here & here)

shorts – Urban Outfitters

shoes – Asos (similar here & here)

sunnies – Forever 21

purse – Forever 21 (similar here)

The sleeve on this shirt is absolutely iconic, timeless I would go as far to say. A lot of the subtle details of this outfit are reminiscent of the 50s, from the little tie in the middle to the subtle cat eye on the sunnies to the red lip.

I’m excited to get back to Crème de la Claire & keeping in touch with all of you guys! x

Why Everyday Should be Valentine’s Day

I am not a lovey dovey girl. I don’t like public displays of affection and I hate hugs. However, I feel like it is always important to remind the people around you how much you care about them, Valentine’s day or not!

You do not need to wait for Valentine’s Day to go to dinner with your S.O. or buy the lingerie you have been wanting. Do that whenever you damn well please because you should spoil yourself and everyone around you everyday! Even if it is just sending your best gal pal a quick “I love you!” text or treating the person behind you in line for coffee to their caffeine fix, everyone deserves to feel love and give love.

Treat everyday like Valentine’s Day!





Roomie blogger goals ft. Caroline of R3 by Caroline

Campus Style Guide- A Capsule Wardrobe

I have successfully fooled all of LSU’s campus into thinking I have my life pulled together. People always tell me “OMG you look so cute today!” or “Wow someone looks good”. Ha! Jokes on you all because I never wake up more than 20 minutes before I have to leave the house. The trick is by having a capsule wardrobe.

I am known for only wearing black on campus. It’s just my thing. I put on a pair of either black leggings or shorts & open up my drawer that I have of just black tops & pick one out. They will always match because it’s all black! That is the constant basis of each outfit.



top- Tobi 

leggings- Lululemon

sports bra- Target

backpack- Target (old) (others I like here & here)

After you have the basis, you can then build upon it with different pieces to make it an outfit and a little more personalized.

For an athletic look, add sunglasses and an athletic jacket. Sporty but still cute & comfy!






jacket- Target

sunnies- Express

sneakers- Journeys Kids (similar pair here for normal sized feet)

phone case- Casetify


When theres a slight breeze outside I like to throw on my camo jacket. It’s light and not too over the top.




jacket- Target (old) (similar here)

baseball cap- was a gift (similar here)


When it’s blustery or rainy I like to wear this fabulous parka/raincoat that my roommates gave me for Christmas! It’s super warm and has a hood that can be zipped away for when it’s not raining.



raincoat- BCBGeneration


My everyday accessories include a bumble bee earring in my cartilage piercing and my  dainty zodiac constellation necklace.



earring- Etsy

necklace- Etsy

Another fun way to add to the outfit is with a bright pair of sneakers! I tend to lean towards pink tennis shoes but I just recently branched out and bought a black pair (seen above) that I have absolutely fallen in love with.


sneakers- Nike (old AF) (similar here)


A few other black tops I love you can find here, here, and here!

By following my campus style mantra, you too can trick people into thinking you’re pulled together with literally zero effort!

*Emily Watts Photography*

Warm Winter Wear

This past winter has been underwhelming in the weather department (thx global warming). I want to wear all of my fun wintery pieces but its just too hot to go full on winter attire so I have had to find a happy medium!


This vest (another fuzzy piece of fun!!) I got from Target last winter and you can pretty much catch me wearing all throughout the winter. Whether it be dressed up with boots or dressed down with leggings and sneakers.




In order to be dressed climate as well season appropriate, I paired my fuzzy Sherpa vest with a sleeveless top. It kept the look fluent and was comfy in the 70+ degree weather.


Outfit Details

vest- Target (old, but similar here, here, and here)

top- TJ Maxx (similar here and here)

skirt- Asos (old, but similar here, here, and here)

boots- Nordstrom Rack (similar)

A friend and sorority sister reached out to me saying how we should collaborate for a blog post. Emily Watts was one of the best and most fun photographers I have ever worked with! It’s always exciting having friends who want to help support you and encourage you to work towards your dreams. All of the pictures she took came out beautiful and I cannot wait to work with her in the future!

Happy NYE to everyone! I hope your 2017 is full of sparkle!