Cool Girl Vibes & Coffee

Okay… obviously when you think “cool girl” you do not think Claire Plauche. You think people like Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sissies, or Rihanna… which is completely valid considered I trip over my own feet & make puns like “Daddily Cooper”.

However, I feel like I have finessed my way into having a relatively cool girl style. For my Sunday errands I try to leave my yoga pants at home & go for something less athleisure but still comfy & easy to get around in while being ~cool~.


I have come up with an equation for cool girl style:

Sneakers + Novelty Accessory + Basics = Cool

The sneaks say “IDGAF” while the structure of the sweater & shorts says “my life is together”. It’s all about the balance! & always throw in a pair of hoops for extra sass.

My novelty accessory in this look is my LA Dodgers baseball cap. I do not really keep up with baseball at all if I’m being honest, I just really love the fit & color of this hat. Other fun novelty accessories could be these sunglasses, this necklace, or this bandana. The possibilities are endless!






Outfit Details

sweater – Goodnight Macaroon (old) ((similar here & here))

hat – Urban Outfitters

shorts – Free People

shoes – KidsShoes (lol) (similar adult version here & here)

hoops – Target (or as the boujee people like myself say, Targé)

Lately I had been noticing everyone in Baton Rouge had been posting pictures from a new coffee shop. Y’all know me… have a local artisan coffee shop, will travel.

French Truck Coffee recently spread its chain from New Orleans & opened up shop in BR off of Government street. It is 100% worth the trip there.





^You can’t fake that kind of happiness, people.

gettchu somebody that looks at you the way I look at my iced coffee

My order? Their signature iced Nola coffee!

Go be cool like me & get caffeinated, my friends! xx

Emily Watts Photography 

One thought on “Cool Girl Vibes & Coffee

  1. Love the always-featured hoops!!!! My fav!!!!!

    Anastasia Aucoin Louisiana State University Economics Major, ISDS Minor (337) 459-2850



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