Workin’ on my Fitness

I have never been much of a workout fiend… I always stayed in shape through cheerleading or dance so I never had to worry much about exercise. However, college is unfortunately catching up to my 4’11” build. Finding the proper form of exercise was a definite challenge for me. I tried everything… running, yoga, pilates, gym, cycling… & could not find the right activity for me & my back situation.

A friend convinced me to try a barre class with her at this studio called Barre by Blair. YALL. This class kicked my ass (while simultaneously toning it). The instructor was very helpful with modifying workouts to fit my back condition. It has become tradition for my friends & I to go to barre together at night & catch up. The whole fam is toning up!

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With my newfound love of barre comes a newfound need for workout gear! (I’ll take any excuse to shop honestly)


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Something important to me was to not lose my feminine curves & barre has done an awesome job toning up my body & keeping it ~shapely~ not boxy!

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*note the cute ribbing on my tank*
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The straps are actually changeable! 

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Outfit Details

tank – Free People

leggings – Lululemon

water bottle – Target (UNDER $10 PEOPLE)

Heres some other precious & cost efficient work out clothes that can also work for campus!

Killer tops here, here, here (this is the workout equivalent of what I picture Meredith from the Parent Trap to wear), here, & here.

Snag some bootylicious leggings here, here, & here.

Lastly, thirsty gals gotta stay hydrated in style! You can find some cute bottles here & here.

If you’re looking to get in shape I highly recommend trying out barre! Blair’s studio offers an amazing student discount & you can try out your first class for free. Come hang with me at barre or grab some friends to ~werk~ on your fitness with! xx

2 thoughts on “Workin’ on my Fitness

  1. I’m glad you found some exercise you can enjoy. From what I’ve felt, those barre classes are no joke! Keep working on that fitness; I’m your witness!


  2. I love your barre post and outfits! Have you ever thought about becoming a certified barre instructor? I think you would be perfect! I loved barre so much that I decided to get barre certified to teach it at my studio. I was juggling work and home life so I did a 100% online course and I highly recommend it. I wanted to share with you because I can’t help but to notice that you would be a perfect barre instructor.

    Ps: Here’s the website to the barre certification:


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