Bra la Vie!

For those of you who have been following my blog or any of my social media accounts for a while now, you are very familiar with the fact that I ADORE lingerie & fine jammies. Literally every holiday or occasion, my friends receive either of those items if not both from me. There is just something about having on saucy undergarments that makes you feel powerful, like you have a dirty little secret.

If you find yourself in the Hammond, LA area, look no further to appease your appetite for beautiful underthings! Bra la Vie, a local fine lingerie boutique, just moved into a newer, bigger location. A friend of mine invited me to a little party to celebrate its big move & I was extremely excited to check out all of the wild pretty pieces Bra la Vie has to offer!

My fab friend, Liz, who works at Bra la Vie! Check out her art insta for serious ~aesthetic~

Just by looking at the store I knew I was in for a treat…







They imported this lighting fixture from Turkey… idk what could possibly be more lavish.

After basking in all of the lacy, sexy, kinky glory, I was spoiled with wine & cheese. I ate just enough to look like I was entering my third trimester of pregnancy in my fitted dress. Lucky for you all, I snapped pics just before my food baby set in.




For everyone who is constantly telling me how photogenic I am, for every picture like ^this… there is one like this…





Outfit Details

dress – ASOS 

(as you can see I hemmed this dress but it was obviously fabulous full length as well)

heels – Forever 21

earrings – Maven Womenswear

I definitely plan on heading back to Bra la Vie to ~spoil~ myself. I highly recommend checking out their Instagram or stopping by the store if you have the opportunity!

Thanks for letting me hang out with y’all, Bra la Vie! xx

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