Airport Style Inspiration

One of the greatest pleasures in life is flying. Something about airports makes me feel so incredibly alive. Tomorrow I am embarking on a wonderful journey to the great state of Ohio (lol) for a leadership conference for my sorority, Delta Gamma. I am #pumped to learn a lot of amazing leadership skills to not only improve my chapter but to improve Crème de la Claire as well!

The MOST exciting part of going to the airport is getting to show off your airport style. I strive for “is she a low-key celebrity???” when I get ready to fly. The kween of airport style is Gigi Hadid. She makes us all look like mere plebeians in comparison but her looks most definitely inspire my outfits for the airport.

I have made a few ~Rules for fly Style~ (get it??? Fly???) based off of Gigi’s airport outfits!


Rule #1: Layering is the way to go!! I tend to get a little chilly during plane rides so I like to have a little coat on me at all times. Also, the more you wear the less you have to pack!


Rule #2: the athleisure trend is your friend at the airport! Mix your leggings with cute booties or your jeans with your favorite sneakers. There are very few instances where I agree with the phrase “comfort is key” and this is one of those rare instances.



Rule #3: a t-shirt is the best option for travel! It is the closest thing you can wear to pj’s without actually wearing pj’s. A plain basic t-shirt or an awesome band t are equal parts chic and comfy.


Rule #4: use your sunnies to hide the undeniable bags under your eyes from the solid nap you are bound to take on the plane! #protip

Safe travels my lovely friends! I cannot wait to tell you all about my leadership experience. Anyone else thinking I could be a future president?

**guest post coming later this week from a dear friend of mine so keep your eyes peeled and your emails refreshed!



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