Beyoncés Formation Tour: A Spiritual Experience

When Beyoncé announced she was having another world tour, there was no other option but for me to go. My parents did not even ask if I wanted to go, I just get a text saying “how many tickets do you need?”*Grateful that my mom & dad understand my emotional connection to Bey*.

I rounded up some of my favorite kweens and we took on Houston & the Tex-Mex cuisine by storm!

Me+Hannah+Caroline+Rebecca+Richmond=ultimate squad
 My first instinct every time Beyoncé would start a new song would be to hold Caroline’s hand… I would consider her the Jay to my Bey (sans cheating scandal obviously)

I had to pull out ALL of the stops outfit wise…ya know, just in case Beyoncé could see me up in the nose bleeds. I do not think I will ever be “feelin’ myself” more than I was in this romper. (FYI I will 100% be recycling this outfit)





Outfit Details

romper- Maven Womenswear (old)

heels- Nordstrom Rack

lipstick- MAC matte “Smoked Purple”

bumblebee earrings- Etsy

honeycomb earring- Forever 21 (old) ((similar))

purse- gift from BFF’s Italian travels

If given the chance to attend the Formation World Tour, GO. No matter the price. Y’all, it was even better than her last tour. Seeing Beyoncé live is truly like no other experience… Hannah described it best when she said “I will leave this concert a woman”.

I am truly far more fierce, fabulous, vengeful, & confident since watching Bey werk.


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