My Right Hand: Black Leggings Guide

For those of you who do not avidly listen to Drake the title of this post comes from one of my favorite Drizzy songs, “Right Hand” where he raps “you’re my right hand, you’re my go to”. My “right hand” style item is black leggings. If you were to see me out & about on an average day, I would most likely be in black leggings. They are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing and easy to throw on when I wake up 2 minutes before I need to leave. They can be dressed up a bit with a cute sweater or flannel and boots or used for athleisure wear around campus.

As part of my School Style series I wanted to share some of my favorite pairs of leggings that I have come across through my years of hunting.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 9.36.47 AM
  • These are a great plain pair of leggings for a non-athletic look. The website claims that they are “calf length” but they hit perfectly at my ankles on my 4’11” stature.
Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 9.35.46 AM
American Apparel
  • I could go on and on about how wonderful these leggings are! They are v high waisted so I feel like everything is sucked in when I wear them! Just a warning though, this pair is extremely shiny because of the nylon so if you are not into that then steer clear.
Old Navy
  • Good, warm pair of leggings with a bit more of a sporty feel.
Forever 21
  • These leggings are for when you want to keep the comfort of athletic wear but give it more of a saucy twist. Subtle sass for a cheap price! Warning: the quality is just about what you would expect with the price. I got a pair of leggings from Forever 21 just recently (not this exact pair) and they had a nice little rip in the booty after a few wears.
  • I just recently had a “treat yo’self” moment with these leggings and it was one of the best shopping decisions I have ever made. The quality of this pair is unparalleled, they claim to have a “naked sensation” which is wonderful because taking off my pants is like the highlight of my day (if we are being real with each other). They also defy the bane of leggings, the mid-day sag. This pair stays in tact and does not sag ALL DAY. Definitely worth the investment!

See how I styled my leggings here and here! xx

*keep up with Creme de la Claire for some exciting news next week!

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