The Beginning of Mardi Gras

For those of you who do not know what Mardi Gras is, it is a series of celebrations filled with parades, extravagant balls, & copious amounts of alcohol, that all lead up to Mardi Gras day (aka “Fat Tuesday”). Mardi Gras is typically associated with New Orleans (& trust me, NOLA does Mardi Gras right) however, Lafayette Mardi Gras is truly an experience as well! If ever given the opportunity to attend any Mardi Gras, definitely hop on that! Mardi Gras is an experience that you will never forget.

This past weekend I was asked to be someones date to a Mardi Gras ball. And by someone I mean Caroline. Boy, did we cut up! We always love getting glitzy together.

Dressed up to get messed up, ammirite?!




Outfit Details

gown- Victoria Stinson

belt- BCBG (old)

earrings- Perry Street (from Rocksbox)

shoes- not pictured but I wore old AF nude pumps

Let me tell you guys a little something about this dress, I borrowed it from my friend Victoria Stinson of Beautiful Chaos & it is one of her original designs. I am so proud to wear something of hers before she makes it big time! Everyone remember her name because this gal is going places.


my hot date & I
If the lady in the back wanted to be in our pic she could’ve just asked…
my girl squad giving Taylor Swift’s a run for their money
ruining the mirror pic with my go to tipsy face, duck lips. 

This is just the beginning to a fabulous Mardi Gras season!

Laissez les bon temps rouler! 

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