Let’s Go (attempt to) Fly A Kite

With strong winds sweeping across Lafayette, Caroline called me up to go fly kites. What we thought would be a simple feat ended up being quite a hilarious show for the neighbors & an embarrassment for us!



The epitome of athleticism! 



After many failed attempts we decided to retire for some coffee talk.




I’m a sucker for the look of a kissed coffee!


A windy day means fly-aways:/

With so many athletic feats in store (ha!) I wanted to wear something comfy & moveable.

Outfit Details

black top- Target (v. old)

vest- Target

leggings- Bell Dia

shoes- Vans

sunnies- Urban Outfitters

earrings- Urban Outfitters (old) ((similar))

ring- vintage

I’m so lucky to have a friend that I can look like a total idiot around. Although let’s be real, I look like a total idiot 95% of the time!

I hope everyone has a Caroline of their own!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Go (attempt to) Fly A Kite

  1. Adorable, as always. Sometimes I wish I were a guy so I could date you, then I remember how much I love heels and long curly hair and batting my eyelashes.


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