Sunday Six {8/30/15}

  • I relate to this on a spiritual level


  • People always compliment my jammie collection & are always shocked when they find out that I buy majority of them from Forever 21! I would buy their PJ’s over some high end loungewear brand any day. Forevs21 has an incredible selection. Anything from quirky to sexy, they’ll have it (& in your price range).


  • My newest Rocksbox was to die for! I got this fab pair of cobalt Kendra Scotts, beautiful Perry Street necklace, & my personal favorite, this Gorjana ring. I will have posts up soon incorporating my pieces into outfits! Make sure you go subscribe so you can get pieces styled just for YOU! Use my code lizkaoxoxo at checkout for your first month free:]
  • How I feel after 99% 100% of my shopping trips.


  • LSU Football!!! With the first game of the season a mere week away, I have started preparing my outfits & brushing up on my knowledge of ‘mericas favorite pastime. I don’t want to admit that I am the crazy girl yelling profanities from the student section but…
  • Zendaya Coleman is literally giving me life right now. Not only is she a trendsetter, total badass, & ~flawless~, but she stands up for what she believes in & what is right which is hard to do in the public eye (& she’s only 18!!!!).

Have a wonderful week everyone! Slay at each & every one of your endeavors.

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