Sunday Six {8/9/15}

Busy, busy week with my move back to LSU & preparing for school to start back up! Here are a few things that are keeping me sane.

  • A dear friend introduced me to Candidly Nicole & I have had an infatuation with Nicole Richie ever since. If you have a pulse & a sense of humor you MUST watch it. You can find it on VH1.
  • I love reading about my zodiac sign because it makes me feel like a total bad b!tch. (& something about this quote reminds me of something Yzma would say)
  • Ricky Ullman (aka Raviv Ullman) made every preteen girl feel things back in the gap. A pal & I recently stumbled upon him on Intsa & I *swooned* over his new grown up look.
  • Dying over this Anthropologie top my adorable friend & fellow blogger, Victoria Stinson of Beautiful Chaos, wore. It is one of those pieces that I keep going back to, I just adore the way she styled it!
  • If you are lookin’ for a good read :]

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