Creme de la Claire at Home

I just recently moved into my very first apartment. I feel like I am adulting so hard. I do things (like cook) & look for an adults for advice but then realize that I am the adult now. That is absolutely terrifying!

With my new adult title, I also have the freedom to spice up my new room without any restrictions besides my bank account. Here are a few ideas that have inspired my new space. It is currently a work in progress but I will be sure to share it with you all once I have my life together.
  • A magazine wall is in the works. I am super particular about which magazines I cut up (I have 3 years worth of Glamour that cannot be touched) so this project will take a while.
  • I have a secret love for horoscopes & stars so I HAD to order this adorable print from Etsy! I got it in a poster size & am going to put it in a chic gold frame for above my bed.
  • I obviously have to incorporate a little bit of Delta Gamma action into my room with the anchors, subtle yet still spirited!
  • I found these pillows from Zara Home (who knew Zara had a home shop?!?) & fell in love.

Being that I am still living in a college apartment, the walls & floors will be a drab color (that is a given). It is up to me to try to make it as “Claire” as possible without breaking the bank (& my lease).

I will keep all of my dolls updated on my progress! xx

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