Lafayette Strong


After the senseless shooting in my beloved little hometown, I could not help but feel blessed. I am upset, confused, angry, bitter, & pain stricken but also, blessed. While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed I see post after post saying things like “Lafayette Strong” or “Pray for Lafayette”. As upset & angry as everyone is, they are all turning towards the strong sense of community that we have to grieve with each other & comfort one another.

Lafayette was once voted the “Happiest Town in the USA”. Which I would never try to debate. Everywhere you turn you see a friendly face, whether it is familiar or foreign. People are always welcoming you into their homes, feeding you, offering you words of wisdom. I feel loved in Lafayette. I feel safe in Lafayette. We cannot let this horrible tragedy break our sense of community.

We need to focus on the lives of the victims & not the sin of the shooter. We cannot let this be about him. We have beautiful lives we need to celebrate in wake of this tragedy.

I am beyond blessed for being born & raised in Lafayette. We are fighters, we are forgivers, & we are lovers. Let us love one another during this trying time.

“God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers”


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