So here is the ~ExCiTiNg~ news that I have been eager to share with you all!

There is this super amazing jewelry rental company called Rocksbox that I recently started to use (only $19/month wahhhhh!!!) where you describe your style & pick out a few pieces to put on your “wish list”. Then a stylist will put together an adorable little box that gets delivered right to your door! Once you wear the pieces a few times you can either buy them or send them back, like a little test drive but for jewelry! Brilliant! Kicking myself for not thinking of this first. If you do decide to buy you get a super bitchin’ insiders’ price.

The best part is you guys, my fab followers, can get your first month free!!! Just use the code lizkaoxoxo at checkout.

Here is a little preview of the pieces I got in this month’s box

photo 2
the packaging is equally as precious as my jewelry inside
Perry Street -Bleecker Crystal Earrings-
Perry Street -Bleecker Crystal Earrings-
Vanessa Mooney -The Starlight Cuff-
Vanessa Mooney -The Starlight Cuff-
Jules Smith -Layered Curved V Necklace-
Jules Smith -Layered Curved V Necklace-

I cannot wait to start to style my pieces & put them up on Creme de la Claire for my people to see.

Get to shopping, my divas!

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