Bloggin on a Budget

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Being a “fashion girl” I find myself shopping…constantly…literally, always. It has become a real issue being that I am a struggling college student (I use the term struggling very lightly, as in my parents don’t pay for everything anymore). I have had to find new, less pricey places to buy from.

Here are a few of my little hidden cubic zirconia diamonds.

Forever 21

Forevs 21 is the holy grail of bargain shopping. They have what I like to call “disposable clothing”, clothes that you wear a couple of times & then throw away. I buy trendier things here because trends are constantly changing.


H&M also has some trendy clothing but they also have some pretty bitchin’ basics. I have some of my favorite *classic* pieces of clothing from there. They also have wonderful graphic tee’s & catch phrase shirts, which I am a total sucker for.


Zara is the European version of H&M.


When I tell you guys that about 30% of my closet is from Target I am not being facetious. I lOoOoOoOve Target. (@Target if you are reading this can we please team up on a post???)

Boohoo Clothing

Boohoo seems pretty sketch at first glance but I have been pleasantly surprised with every single purchase I have gotten from there! They also have ~amazing~ jammies.


Majority of the dresses I own are from Chicwish. I adore their quirky sense of style. I am always so reluctant to tell people where I get my dresses because I never wanted them to know about this great website, but it is time for me to expose my secret.

Maven Womenswear

If you ever read my outfit details in my posts you will know how much of my wardrobe is from Maven. I connect to this store on a spiritual level.

I feel like I just revealed my little black (budget shopping) book to the world. Hold these websites with as much reverence & courtesy as I do.


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