Sunday Six {6/21/15}

Having had a cR@zY past few weeks things will finally be slowing down for the rest of the summer & I can start to focus on me (& the blog, obvi).
  • seaux excited for this Nasty Gal dress to come in! I have been lusting over it checking it out for a while now & when it went on sale I couldn’t NOT buy it. The practical gal in me (she is somewhere deep DEEP inside of me) can justify the purchase by telling myself that I can wear it to football games in the fall… cheetah print is close enough to purple & gold, right? Go Tigers!
**swoon** Ian Wallace is a certified dream boat
  • #tbt. With it having been Father’s Day I asked my daddy what he wanted to do & he replied, “watch What A Girl Wants“. This 2003 feel good movie is my dad’s favorite. He cries every. single. time. Trying to give this movie (& Amanda Bynes) a rebirth.


  • Loving this quote right now. Especially the last line (pertaining to champagne… duh.)
  • J Crew makes the best statement jewelry pieces. They are so fun for parties & going out. Not to mention they are extremely affordable!!


  • I know we have all had this ~Lizzie McGuire moment~. But I refuse to say this anymore. I literally have enough clothes to dress a small nation for a month of brunching. LET’S START A MOVEMENT HERE PEOPLE.

Speaking of movements…

e x c i t i n g n e w s

This week, as part of my focusing on me, I am doing a little thing that I like to call “A Week Without Workout Clothes”. I will make an effort to look fab every day this week & not fall into the comfort & ease that is workout clothes. As part of this effort of mine I will post a pic each day of my outfit(s).

Day 1

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

  • I went with a comfy route today in my boyfriend shorts & a knit tank.

Outfit Details:

shirt- TJ Maxx (I am a closeted Maxxinista)

shorts- Forever 21 (old as dirt)

bralette- Maven Womenswear

booties- Frock Candy (also old as dirt)

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