Sunday Six {6/7/15}

As this past week came & went I got to visit with so many wonderful friends, hopefully this upcoming week will bring the same ble$$ings!

  • For those of you who personally know me, you know that I am a certified pajama whore lover. Literally for every occasion & milestone in my life I receive a pair of pj’s & this sleep shirt seems like it would be a beautiful new addition to my collection!


  • I am almost embarrassed for how much this pertains to my life.
  • This bitchin’ high school grad made an ADORABLE dress out of her old homework to raise awareness to educate girlies world wide. I wish I was half as cool as this chick!
  • My friend & fellow blogger Victoria Stinson of Beautiful Chaos wrote an awesome article about her skin care regime. I would highly recommend you check it out (& the rest of her blog) for fabulous beauty & fashion tips!
  • Yes…just yes. This Buzzfeed article relates to my life so much I started questioning whether or not I wrote it…
  • This romper caught my eye for the summer. Mainly because it gives off a very Allie from The Notebook vibes but with a modern twist! So sweet & so romantic. If only I could find a Ryan Gosling look-a-like to go along with it (now accepting applications).

Have an awesome week my bebes!


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