Put Your Best Brow Forward: Waxing vs Threading


I am a woman who is not lacking in the eyebrow department. At moments I even find that my eyebrow game is too strong… like at the simple lift of a brow I could kill a man (& I absolutely love it). But with a plethora of brow comes the task of taming them. So waxing or threading? Our forefathers died for us to have this choice.


As a woman who has practically waxed her entire body, waxing my eyebrows is a walk in the park. As a matter of fact it could put me to sleep. I have some friends that even the thought of waxing their brows makes them want to faint. I guess it is different for every person but waxing is definitely my hair removal of choice.


Eyebrow threading originated in India. It is where they use a cotton thread that is doubled & twisted then rolled over the unwanted hairs. Some people prefer this method because it is more precise than waxing. For some reason I found this to be f***ing a little painful. I have extremely thick, coarse eyebrow hairs so that may have played a part in it. I have a friend who has far lighter & less coarse brows & she finds this to be virtually painless.

Either way my brows have turned out equally on fleek.

Conclusion: everyone should try out both methods to decide what works for them! I won’t tell you what to do with your brows but after my experimentation I will return to the hands of my trusted waxer.

2 thoughts on “Put Your Best Brow Forward: Waxing vs Threading

  1. I would go for threading them. I also have bushy, dark eyebrows and I never waxed them. I am too scare of the pain. But I gave them a beautiful shape with my tweezers and I maintain them with them as well.


  2. Thanks for your post. I liked your conclusion to do whatever you find is best. I haven’t ever waxed anything, However, my wife thinks I should. I think she just wants to laugh at me. But, if it makes her happy I will gladly submit.


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