Sunday Six {5/24/15}

Happy Sunday my lovely readers!
  • Being a Delta Gamma means that I have this ungodly need to buy anything & everything with an anchor on it. Thus these socks became a wonderful addition to my (nauti) wardrobe.
  • In case it was not already established,  I am incredibly basic white. So needless to say seeing Taylor Swift was a dream come true. Her outfits for The 1989 World Tour were beyond fabulous, she was having a total Bey moment.


  • I am currently experimenting with two tone lips & LOVING it. Right here I am wearing Yofi “Fuzion” (its a cheer competition lipstick that is super long lasting!) on my upper lip & Milani “Rose Hip” on my bottom lip. To make it flow better I put a sheer gloss on top of both.
  • I cannot stress my love for coconut oil enough! I use it constantly throughout my day, in my coffee instead of sugar, when cooking instead of other fatty oils, but mainly as a makeup remover. It can get rid of that f***ing annoying pesky leftover waterproof mascara like no other. **when shopping for coconut oil make sure you get virgin oil, my choice is Nutiva (seen above)**

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

  • I don’t like to be sentimental here on Creme de la Claire but I’m feeling a little mushy today because my older brother, who I adore, left for South Korea. He is in the US Air Force & is about to start his second term. For those of you who know me personally you know that I am super patriotic (srsly don’t put on “Proud to be an American” unless you want some major waterworks). I just wanted to let all of you beautiful people know how much I love & appreciate my brother. Go love on your siblings tonight because I sure as heck wish Evan was here to make fun of people with me right now.

Peace & Blessins


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