New Orleans Ladies

Growing up in the depths of south Louisiana I never quite appreciated the charm that surrounded me. As I got older & was able to travel more I realized the gem that was a mere two & a half hour car ride away. That gem being New Orleans… the Crescent City, the Big Easy, the Birthplace of Jazz… the nicknames are endless. However, most down south simply prefer to call it NOLA.

While celebrating a good friend’s birthday we took a little day trip to the heart of Louisiana. We enjoyed the culture while walking around the beautiful city. We even made a little trek to the Aquarium to look at my pals favorite little creatures, sea otters. During our NOLA adventure my squad & I also stalked drove by the American Horror Story Coven house, there are so many little treasures everywhere you turn!

The highlight of our excursion was our beautiful lunch at Commander’s Palace {foodgasm}. If you ever find yourself in New Orleans you must make a reservation at this landmark (seriously, it has been around since 1880!). We inhaled ate delicious turtle soup & classic NOLA dishes in a charming old south setting. Commander’s is also home to the most heavenly sweet tea there is (Am I a southern belle yet?), they put just a hint of basil & I am salivating simply writing about it.

Moral of the post is that everyone must experience the magic that is New Orleans, Louisiana at least once in their lifetime.

*bread pudding suffle is bae*
*bread pudding suffle is bae* **more whiskey cream please**

squad goals
squad goals

Outfit Details:

Dress- Asos (as seen in older post)

Wedges- old

Sunglasses- A.J. Morgan

Umbrella- Target

Purse- Vintage Louis Vuitton

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