Secrets of my Procrastination

Though I have very few true talents in life, I do pride myself in my uncanny ability to procrastinate. I can sit down to start a homework assignment & BAM! I will literally have two new packages on the way to my door, a new Netflix series to start, inspiring youtube videos galore, & presents for all of my friends for Arbor Day. Here are my go-to websites whenever I feel like doing everything except for what I am supposed to be doing.

  • TheyAllHateUs 
    • This is a blog solely dedicated to collections of beautiful images, I could honestly spend hours upon hours scrolling through the different pictures.
  • Wendy’s Lookbook
    • WENDY IS BAE. She is quite actually my style idol. I always turn to her when I am feeling uninspired while getting dressed. She has such wonderful taste & style like I have never ever seen before.
  • Pinterest
    • duh…
  • Etsy
    • I have a weak spot for little trinkets & the best ones are from the small little retailers on Etsy!
  • Vevo
    • Beyonce vevo to be exact…

Sorry if you had something productive to do…

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