Chinese Laundry

**The only laundry I want anything to do with**

Today I had a total “treat yoself” moment and splurged on a beautiful new pair of Chinese Laundry booties. As I walked away from the boutique with butterflies in my stomach from the new bad boys that graced the arches of my feet, I couldn’t wait to come back to my house and investigate the other treasures that awaited me upon their website. Having a college student’s budget, it is difficult to spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes, & makeup. After (quite literally) counting my coins I was able to pull through and get these beauties. Nice shoes are must in my book considering they are a pedestal for the rest of your body.

Chinese Laundry is also having a stellar sale right now so if I were you (& had a normal sized foot… 3 in children’s what what) I would get out my credit card faster than you can say debt.

Am I attracted to this last pair because they are named after my favorite Disney show in recorded history? Maybe…


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