Laffy Weekend

Coming back to Lafayette after being in Baton Rouge for so long is refreshing. It’s nice to know my way around town, and know that I can take a bath whenever, and that my dad will do my laundry for me. It’s especially nice with the holidays nearing. I got to spend the day with a few of my favorite things, Lafayette shopping and the French Press. French press is the loveliest restaurant in Lafayette, if you’re ever in town you must check it out. I’m glad to be back home with family for Thanksgiving. A few things I am thankful for this year are my brother (even though he is thousands of miles away), my new friends, and spanx. Have a wonderful day everyone! Eat way too much (see reason #3 why I am thankful).

photo 2-4

photo 1-4

photo 3


Jeans: from local boutique

Sweater: Old Navy 

Shoes: Goodnight Macaroon

Purse: Louis Vuitton (handed down from grandmother)*

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