Coats on Coats on Coats

It is my FAVORITE time of the year. With Christmas tunes humming over the radio (okay.. my pandora) and the classic red Starbucks cup being carried all over campus, the whitest part of my soul can’t help but leap with joy. I adore the cooler months. With that being said, coat shopping has become my newest hobby. It’s depressing because it never really gets THAT cold in south Louisiana, but I dress for the season not for the weather. Here are a few of the coats that are begging to be in my closet.


  • The Chicwish Fur Cape is incredibly Blair Waldorf, which I thrive for in most of my outfits. I would pair this with black jeans, a sleek black cashmere sweater underneath, and black booties for a very Parisian look.
  • The Burberry Trench is a luxury staple in the closets of wealthy women everywhere. No matter where you are from, be it New York or London or Paris, a Burberry Trench coat is worth the investment.
  • Urban Outfitters has very different leather jackets, like the leather and fleece moto jacket above. I feel like I would most likely wear this jacket every single day… and feel like this… every day. Who could ask for more?
  • The light pink parka looks beyond warm… I would pay big money to have had this on my body to my 8:30 walk to Mass Comm this morning. Goodnight Macaroon has a very wide array of chic yet practical jackets.**

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