These Boots [were obviously not] Made for Walking


With Autumn coming with a vengeance I have been on the hunt for boots. I have fallen in love with so many pairs that I can’t buy (I’m a size 3 in children’s… I kid you not) but I can still lust after them. Here are the pairs that really walked their way into my soul, pun intended.

  • These Rag & Bone ankle boots are fall perfection. Those are the sort of shoes that I would wear with a cute romper to a football game or with jeans and a white t to run errands. They’re perfectly versatile. Staple booties.
  • The Steve Madden black boots are shoes that I would wear for travel or for snowy weather. They look warm and practical… or at least as practical as my shoes can be (remember, shoes are a pedestal for the body).
  • The sassy Michael Antonio booties are perfection for going out. Not too high of a heel. I like my heels like I like my men, thick and sturdy (totally kidding… seriously, don’t judge… I’m kidding).
  • I ADORE these Kristin Cavallari peep toe booties. They are literally everything and more. They are so chic that my little baby feet weep tears that they are so elvish. Why me? #cursed
  • Sometimes Forever 21 comes in clutch in the shoe department… i.e. these fabulous over the knee boots. Call me fifty shades of cray but if I could wear these everywhere I would. They are beautiful. Unfortunately, my 4’11” stance would not permit it so I vicariously live my dream of wearing them through my friend, Kyle, who does in fact own them. **

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