Goodnight, Gorgeous!

For those of you who know me, you all know that I am a sucker for cute pajamas. I firmly believe that if you go to sleep feeling sassy you will wake up feeling sassy. I recently made a little shopping trip to get some cute new jammies and discovered tons of adorable new delicates that are out right now!


  • Sleepmasks are a must in my book. I currently have the most beautiful personalized black one. In sequins across it, it says “Bitch”. However, I do also love this Mary Green mask from Shopbop. I recently read an article about the health benefits of sleeping with a mask, so you really should invest… for your health.
  • The Wildfox “I Need Coffee” pajamas are perfection. What else could possibly need to be said in the mornings?
  • This beautiful Agent Provocateur silk lace robe is stunning. I could not imagine anything more glamorous than waking up and throwing this robe on to start my day… I would feel like a queen.
  • Urban Outfitters currently has some top notch sleepwear. I just got these adorable blush slip shorts along with a cute sleep romper. Definitely make the trip to check them out (they were on sale people!).
  • VS has been and always will be a staple for pajamas. I love their simple cotton sleep shirts! Especially in the sassy prints like cheetah or the cute scotty pups.
  • What is not to love about these Stuart Weitzman slippers? They are practical yet adorable. Normally with pretty intimates you have to give up one or the other.

Goodnight lovelies! Get your beauty sleep ❤**

I was feeling particularly inspired by Beyonce tonight.

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