Jesse McCartney #neverforget

So I got an abrupt message on Tuesday morn informing me of a Jesse McCartney concert at the House of Blues in New Orleans on Friday. We had a little less than three days to prepare for the comeback of the century. I made a few phone calls and the next thing I know four friends and myself were on our way to NOLA. We had snacks, a Jesse T-shirt from his 2005 tour, and a bonsai tree we purchased on the side of the road (Little Jesse) in tow. We waited for two hours outside the House of Blues and finally got in. We elbowed through some teeny boppers to get to the second row & we had the best freaking time. I legit have a man crush on Jesse McCartney. He is sexy, y’all. He danced and sang like a total 90’s god. After we were done swooning, we went and waited outside for another two hours for him to leave so he could sign my friend Natalie’s old tour t-shirt. She is a super fan. Luckily, I befriended a security guard who gave us a little hint that he would be sneaking out of the back and sure enough as I turned around he was hopping into a car.

The sneaky son of a gun started to drive off but I was not leaving without getting Natalie’s shirt signed. I told her to run after his car and she sprinted until he finally hit a red light. She tapped on the window and had a little convo with J Mac and got him to sign the shirt. It was easily one of the greatest nights of my life. But seriously… who does he think he is sneaking out and shit? It’s not like he is an A-list celeb. He is like on the C-list, maybe B-list on a good day…

Side note, if you have not checked out his new CD I would highly recommend it. My personal fav is Superbad . He is all kinds of fine.**




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