Bonjour, B*tches!

Well, I guess I should start by explaining my blog to you all. I had a blog,, but I felt that it was time to graduate from that one. It was like my training bra blog. I was ready for something new and Creme de la Claire was the product! I so look forward to filling you guys in on my crazy, fabulous life. In the past two weeks alone I have been to the Beyonce concert (it was basically a religious experience), went to New York, and gathered alligator eggs from the swamps to be grown and sold for leather for overseas fashion. I am always looking for new and exciting things to try! Up next on my agenda is the Justin Timberlake concert in New Orleans and making my big move (45 minutes away) to Baton Rouge to begin college at Louisiana State University in the fall. I am majoring in Textile Science and minoring in Journalism with hopes to be fabulous everyday for the rest of my life. Cannot wait to begin my journey here on Creme de la Claire**

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